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In a new world order where education is facing unprecedented challenges due to the impact of globalization
In a new world order where education is facing unprecedented challenges due to the impact of globalization
Aims & Objectives
Our nation requires men and women of sterling moral fibre. To this end the school lays great stress on value education imparted through Moral Science classes, discussion, debates, plays and special lectures. It endeavours to imbibe in every child the value of honesty, tolerance, loyalty, patriotism, team spirit, co-operation, social responsibility, environmental consciousness, respect and concern for other persons and their opinions. PARENTS TEACHER INTERACTION

The School aims at imparting to its students an all round education of high standard through the medium of English and inculcating in them Social and ethical values that will mould them into noble men and women of character and integrity and enlightened leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow.


With a view to help our students to overcome stage fright and building self-confidence, every child is, in turn, given an opportunity to speak, read, sing, tell story & recite poem etc. during the daily assembly. It also helps to learn command & to develop the quality of leadership.


PTI meetings are held regularly to discuss the progress made by the students and to give and get advice from the parents for the progress of the institution and purposeful development of the school in all its endeavours.


The academic programme is supplemented by various co-curricular activities. These are intended to develop in the child an interest in the process of learning, to foster the capacity to tackle problems and to emphasize the difference between truth and false hood and between facts and feelings.
Co-curricular activities include Leadership Training, Debates, Declamation, Discussions, Elocutions, Music, Dance, Calligraphy, Clay Modeling, Rangoli, Art, Drawing, Craft, Project Work and other Hobby Classes etc.

First Aid facilities are available in the school as well as in the school buses.
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